This site is under very early construction, so please bare with me, I am only just learning the basics of Dreamweaver and hope to make improvements as I learn more, I probably should have waited before setting up any kind of site. . .

But Hey! We all need to have some presence on the net. . .

So if you come across problems, want to make comments or suggestions, please feel free.

Site revised March 2006. Still an awful lot to learn but I hope this is a little better than the earlier version. Revised again May 2006, it's getting better.

Computer - Macintosh eMac SuperDrive, 800 Mhz, 768 Mb Ram, 60 Gb 7200 rpm Hard drive
80 Gb 7200 rpm Hard drive (external).
Camera - JVC GR - DVL 9800 Digital video camera.

Macromedia Dreamsuite MX
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0

Safari (1.0)
Netscape (7.0)
Internet Explorer (5.2.1)
So far, the site looks best using Netscape

Thanks for dropping by. . .